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Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthana

Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthana, Puducherry is a non-profit charitable trust engaged in the promotion and propagation of Indian and Orissan culture. The main object of the trust shall be to preserve, promote and enrich the heritage of Sri Geetagovinda and Sri Jayadeva, Srimandira and Srikshetra, the cultural and artistic heritage of Orissa in general and of Odissi Sangeeta, Geeta, Vadya and Nritya in particular, and in pan – Indian context, the cultural and artistic heritage of India.
The trust will foster, encourage, support and undertake the cultural documentation, including documentation of oral heritage by utilizing all available formats including those for the multimedia and digital libraries, the scope of documentation to include, among others, compilation of musical notations, video records of musical and dance performances, of paintings, etchings and manuscripts as well as digital records in audio, photographic, video and other available formats, of relevant materials

The Trust was founded in 2001 by Late Dr. Raghunath Pani – noted teacher, educationist, scholar and cultural organizer from Orissa who dedicated his entire life for holistic development of mind, body, heart and soul of his students through integral education based on the teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Dr Raghunath Pani composed a geeti-natya or dance-drama which weaved the life and legends of Jayadeva into the narrative of Geetagovinda in Odissi style in the early 1960s and played a vital role in popularizing this great classic.

Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthana is committed to bring out authentic text, music and dance compositions of Jayadeva’s Geetagovinda, with a special emphasis on retaining and enriching the artistic and cultural heritage of Orissa, of which, it is perhaps the finest specimen.

The Trust has been engaged in a major research project to bring out the authentic text of Jayadeva’s Geetagovinda through a team of scholars and experts. This will soon be published as a book and provide for the first time the authentic original text, anwaya, pratipadartha, sarala bhavartha. Based on this authentic text, the Trust has produced this major musical composition – Sampoorna Geetagovinda covering the entire classic consisting of its twenty-four songs and seventy-two slokas. This is a unique and first ever attempt in this direction. The swaralipi or musical notations are also being published by the Trust separately.

A few of these songs were presented in the Bhakti Utsav at Delhi in 2006. Padmashree Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, Odissi Maestro who has inherited the legacy of Guru Pankaj Charan Das and Guru Kelu Charan Mahapatra has taken up choreography of this music composition in Odissi dance. Senior dancers – Sharmila Biswas, Aruna Mohanty, Meera Das and Jyoti Srivastava have performed some of these newly choreographed compositions in major festivals like Konark Festival, Mukteswar Festival at Bhubaneswar, Srikshetra Utsav at Puri, International Dance festival at Bhubaneswar, Jayadev Utsav at Delhi and pieces have also been performed in USA.

The Trust has a website dedicated to Jayadeva and Geetagovinda.

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