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Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthana
Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthana, Puducherry is a non-profit charitable trust engaged in the promotion and propagation of Indian and Orissan culture. The main object of the trust shall be to preserve, promote and enrich the heritage of Sri Geetagovinda and Sri Jayadeva, Srimandira and Srikshetra, the cultural and artistic heritage of Orissa in general and of Odissi Sangeeta, Geeta, Vadya and Nritya in particular, and in pan – Indian context, the cultural and artistic heritage of India. The trust will fos
  The Founder
Dr Raghunath Pani was born on 20th July 1923 in the village Gurandi near Paralakhemundi of Ganjam district of Orissa state. He belongs to an established family of purohits who served the erstwhile Maharaja of Paralakhemundi, as family priests engaged in the traditional worship of private temple deities belonging to the family. The family was also well known for their melodious traditional musical renderings in the temple and in the court of the Maharaja. His tenacity and undaunted spirit in